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You're not here to be average...

lets make you awesome 


Wedding dress shop on the Surrey London boarders

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Welcome to Aurora

and of course CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

So .... They asked and you gorgeous brides said YES! Well why wouldn't you - when else do you get to bask in such a glow.  Now you need to look better than ever and that's hopefully where we come in ........

With that in mind - why be an Aurora Bride? 

We have spent a small countries budget on our glamourous store to try and give you the BEST time of your life. We have created an experience zone where you can enjoy and soak up the atmosphere in our bubbly and fun boutique - oh and we have over 500 dresses to play with too (that kinda helps!) 

If we can you will get a big old cuddle and then dance your way through our fun and lively atmosphere towards the perfect wedding dress. We hope you are able let your hair down and find that amazing wedding dress and join our past and current brides on our very own closed social group of support and loveliness.


 We also offer mother of the bride (or groom) occasion wear and we have our Grooms Collection too - at some point the men do get a little look in! 

You can book online by clicking                         
or email us your questions below

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