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A Planning Guide To Finding the Best Destination Wedding Location

A Planning Guide To Finding the Best Destination Wedding Location

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How to Pick a Destination Wedding Location

When it comes to finding the best destination wedding location, is there a secret sauce? A magic formula to find a dreamy wedding venue in an exotic location? Perhaps not, but by following these top tips you can find somewhere that is just the ticket for you as an engaged couple getting married abroad.

Who Picks the Wedding Location?

Choosing a location for a destination wedding is much like picking any other wedding venue. It’s ultimately up to brides and grooms to find a venue that reflects their personal style, aligns with their values, is within budget and has all the ingredients for a great destination wedding experience.

Planning Your Budget for a Destination Wedding

Budgeting is an important part of planning any wedding but is especially important for destination weddings. It may seem like a cheaper option at first, but with travel and unfamiliar territory, costs can quickly mount up. Whether you can afford to get married in a particular location will ultimately be one of the deciding factors. You should break down spending estimates per category and add a little spare for unforeseen events. Don’t forget to think about whether you are offsetting any travel and accommodation costs for guests and if you are using UK suppliers, such as photographers or stylists, you will likely need to pay for their flights, accommodation and food. Female Independent Financial Advisor Rebecca Robertson advises that creating a budget is an essential part of the wedding planning process when planning a destination wedding. “Creating a budget with accurate costings will take away so much stress and it will allow you to enjoy the wedding planning process!”

Hiring a wedding planner is a must for destination weddings, and although it is technically an extra expense, they can save you money (and sleepless nights) by liaising with local suppliers in your chosen location.

Finding the Best Destination Wedding Location – Your Personal Style

Any wedding destination should reflect a couple’s personalities. Are you party people or looking for chilled out vibes? Do you prefer the beach or a countryside retreat? If you’d like a quaint chilled out wedding weekend, a chateau wedding in France may be for you; or if you want an adventurous week that will keep guests entertained, Barcelona paired with sight seeing might be more your thing.

Making a list of non-negotiables for your destination wedding location can really help – a sea view, all-inclusive wedding packages, outdoor dining spaces, rolling hills, farmhouse accommodation? What are the elements you want most and will not compromise on?

Choosing a Wedding Dress for a Destination Wedding

If you’re wondering what you should wear for a destination wedding, generally lightweight, floaty styles will serve you much better. Crepe, chiffon, lace and organza are common lightweight fabrics for bridal dresses and breathable fabrics are better for hotter climates. Keep in mind how easy it is to move in the dress and transport it. The overall weight and volume will play a deciding factor. This is super important if you have to navigate stairs, beaches, mountainous landscapes etc. I love the range at London Wedding Dress Shop Aurora Bride as they cater for all types of styles perfect for all destination weddings.  You could also consider, short, knee or tea length styles, particularly if you are going to walk along a beach at your destination wedding location.

How to Bring Décor to a Destination Wedding

When choosing a destination wedding location, and venue, you should think about how much decor and styling it needs to align with your vision. Flower arches for outside ceremonies are popular and look stunning and are a worthy investment if you can afford them. Similarly, if the destination wedding location is a blank canvas and needs lots of décor to make it look pretty, you should get quotes from stylists and prop hire companies. If you are taking decorations with you, think about checking in an extra case or two and consider what is easy to pack. Bunting, fairy lights and artificial flowers will go into your suitcase easily!

Once you have picked you location, venue and set the date, you’ll of course need to invite your guests…

How to Create a Destination Wedding Invitation

Hand-painted wedding invitations from Splendid Swan

Bespoke invitations are perfect for destination weddings and hiring a wedding artist will really help you incorporate all the magical elements of your destination wedding location – they can include a hand painted venue illustration, colours and patterns synonymous with your wedding location, perhaps some palm trees and Montserrat leaves if you are having a tropical wedding or some shells and beach elements for coastal weddings. Wherever your destination wedding location may be, an illustrator will be able to bring it to life with story telling through your wedding invitations.

How to Write an Invitation for a Destination Wedding

Now, what to include in destination wedding invitations… You’ll need to include the key wedding details such as your wedding date, time, venue name and address. You can also include some guest information such as travel / flight details, accommodation info, gift requests, dress codes, whether children are invited and dress codes. It’s best only to print brief information that won’t change and have the rest on a wedding website – you can include a link or QR to direct guests to the website for your destination wedding. Some couples like to include an order of events or weekend itinerary with key dates and times of activities to enjoy – boat rides, barbecues, brunch etc.

How long Before a Destination Wedding Should You Send the Invitations?

You should give your guests longer to plan if you have chosen a destination wedding location, so it’s a good idea to send your invitations out 12 months in advance for a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Experiences

When finding the best destination wedding location, you should think about the overall experience – what local customs and culture can you incorporate. What is the local food and drink like, and what wedding entertainment will be available? Are there many excursions to keep guests entertained or a beach nearby if you are avid sunbathers. Destination wedding planners will be able to able to recommend fun activities from pool parties to wine tasting and history tours.

Finding the Best Destination Wedding Location – The Season

A sun kissed wedding surrounded by sandy beaches and the ocean breeze is a dream, but don’t forget to consider peak times and temperatures. If you are getting married at a popular holiday destination right in the peak of summer, it will be much hotter and busier. You will need to wear cooler outfits and if children are invited, they’ll need to keep out of the sun at midday. Many destination wedding locations are best enjoyed at off-peak times such as May or September for the ultimate destination wedding experience.

A Planning Guide To Finding the Best Destination Wedding Location

Finding the best destination wedding location is an exciting journey that involves careful planning, personal reflection, and thoughtful decisions. By considering your budget, personal style, the season, and the overall experience you want to create, you can find a venue that perfectly encapsulates your love story. Remember, your destination should be a place where your personalities shine through, creating an unforgettable backdrop for your special day.

For those looking to add a touch of elegance and bespoke charm to their wedding, I offer luxurious wedding stationery that can beautifully complement your destination wedding theme. From hand-painted invitations to personalised designs, Splendid Swan can help bring your vision to life. Get in touch with me today to start crafting the perfect stationery for your dream wedding!