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Hold on to your hats brides! We have started a blog - we hope this inspires, reassures and advises girls on how to get the most from your experience of being a bride - any funny stories you want to share on your gorgeous images - send them over! Sad to say but I never tire of weddings so join the fun and watch this space for more to come! 

To Sample Sale or not to Sample Sale.....?

That is the question! On Friday (16th March) we are starting one of the biggest sample sales we've held in quite a few years - around 75-90 dresses will be on view the whole store will be showcasing only sample sale gowns! The question we get asked all the time from brides is "Is a sample sale good for me?" The easiest answer comes after asking 4 simple questions: Do you have a restricted time scale - less than 4-6 months? Do you have a limited budget - under £1000 (through choice or necessity)? Do you mind if its not a brand new dress? Do you love a bargain? If you answer Yes to any of the above questions then a sample sale could be perfect for you. That's not to say only brides who scream

Wedlock'ed but not an Island....

Its been nearly 5 years now since I said "I do" having been plucked, waxed, painted and plaited to within an inch of my life! I can honestly say I loved it! That's not to say there were no stresses, trials and tribulations (the waxing alone wow!) but I never tire of helping other brides and listening to their wows and woes. With this in mind the spirit of the Aurora Blog will be trying to impart some of our wisdomess and share some of the funny stories we hear along the way in an attempt to make our brides and others feel a little less alone - you are not an island we've got your back! One of my fiercest foes during the wedding planning was one that we see ALL THE TIME in store, THE DRESS WO

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