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Hold on to your hats brides! We have started a blog - we hope this inspires, reassures and advises girls on how to get the most from your experience of being a bride - any funny stories you want to share on your gorgeous images - send them over! Sad to say but I never tire of weddings so join the fun and watch this space for more to come! 

Timings Timings.......Don't rush me!

I hate deadlines. I am the kid who at school always left their homework or exam prep till 20 mins before, leaving some teacher or parent looking ashamedly at me! I like to think this is why everyone thought I had "potential" but in reality it was a sneaky ploy to look far more intelligent than I really am always hiding that normality under the guise of lazy genius! I was the same with my wedding preparation. I didn't want to make any decisions, the thought of being decisive over my dress, the flowers, the rings etc sent me into a right panic. Dreaming of the dress and other wedding related paraphernalia always seemed so much grander and far more Disney in my head than in reality. I just neve

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