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Hold on to your hats brides! We have started a blog - we hope this inspires, reassures and advises girls on how to get the most from your experience of being a bride - any funny stories you want to share on your gorgeous images - send them over! Sad to say but I never tire of weddings so join the fun and watch this space for more to come! 

Missing Mum - weddings without a parent

One recent Friday afternoon I had a lovely unexpected afternoon off and decided to go get the trotters painted. Whilst sitting waiting for my turn on the magic massaging chair I was entranced by a lovely couple having their nails done. My bat wing ears allowed me to eavesdrop and I’m sorry to say this is a past time I vastly enjoy so I find it hard to apologise for. The younger of the two was due to be married the next day and she was there enjoying the day before pampering sesh with her mum. This moment was so thoughtful and poignant and it struck me that I never even realised I missed this tender moment until it was played out before me. I must have known, on some level, I was missing out

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