We see brides who are not getting married for years and will never turn a bride away based on her wedding date. However a good time frame is 9- 12 months in advance of the big day

Of course ….. We hear this all the time and as long as you are still leaving yourself the suggested window to order your gown (9 – 12 months) we are on board with your desire to lose weight! Only thing we ask is if you manage it please share your secrets of success! We do ask you dont limit your order time to achieve weight loss – our team of seamstresses are on hand should you lose weight after ordering

We will always chose helping a bride over cleaning and paperwork – No contest! However sometimes we are fully booked and cannot squeeze you in so we always say appointments are recommended if you want to try something on to avoid travelling and being disappointed.

We try to give you as long as we can – we will always allow 1 hr and 20 mins for our time with you to really focus on your Bridal trial and sometimes during the week we are able to extend this a little when we are really getting into our stride! We do a variety of other appointment options as well:
Bridal Retry – for when you are popping back with a dress in your head you cannot stop thinking about – this is 45 mins long
Accessories – we offer Accessories appointments at 45 mins to really accessories yourself in style
Trying your Own Gown – appointments to try on your own gown once it arrives are 45 mins
Menswear – these vary dependant on the need but generally 30 – 45 min

Just yourself and a smile!
We provide all the dresses (obviously) but along with that we offer the shoes, veil etc and will help fit the gowns to you. If you have a special pair of shoes – please feel free to bring along
We do suggest white or nude underwear, unless you have some fabulous pants with super heroes on to show off! Strapless bras can help but not essential

For those weekday appointments or Wednesday evenings you are more then welcome to bring your little cherubs with you – as long as we can all have a cuddle. Where possible we will even try to keep them amused for you to help with the appointment
However at weekends (Saturday and Sunday appts) we have a strict rule of no under 12’s – this does include babies im afraid
We do also ask our mums to be aware this is a Bridal studio with pins, stairs, scissors etc so if your bubs do come along just check they dont grab anything dangerous

We will guide you through the whole process but a brief outlines is:
You would be measured for your gown and we would discuss your size, colour, length options etc
The paperwork is boring but necessary and you would pay a 50% deposit for the gown (or more if you are really organised or a sample sale gown)
We will then order the gown and give you a rough time of arrival then its just a waiting game till it arrives and we get to plan for the big day!

Dont is the quick answer always make sure you are 100% sure before ordering your gown
However if the worst happens please call us immediately and we will see what we can do for you. Sample sale gowns are non refundable but for new orders gowns if recently purchased we will see if the designer will allow us to swap your deposit onto another gown
Please tell us as soon as you have second thoughts and we will always pull as many strings as possible to help out

As soon as your gown arrives in store you will receive a message from us with the exciting news! At this point we will offer you an Accessories or just Trying on your Gown appt for fun – sometimes if time does not allow you will go straight into a first fitting
Your first fitting should be 6 – 8 weeks before your wedding so its best to call us 12-14 weeks before the wedding for your fitting

We have a number of seamstresses that work in store – so you can take advantage of the big mirrors and comfy changing rooms. You will have a first fitting with the seamstress where she will pop you in your gown and then pin around you based on the information you give her on how you want your dress to fit and her expert advice on how the dress should fit
Brides usually have at least 2 fittings but it can be as many as needed until your gown is perfect for you – the average is 3 fittings
We do allow the seamstresses to use our store but they are totally independant so please be aware they require payment directly to themselves in cash (the store cannot accept any card payments for them)

When you are all fitted and signed off with the seamstress we will arrange a collection appointment for you
In preparation for collection we will have steamed and checked your gown ready for you. You dont need to try anything on at this point you should be ready to go and this collection is usually only a day or two before the big day so the dress is freshly prepped ready for you to put on

No problem at all – this isnt unusual and we have many brides getting married abroad. We have a number of destination dresses and also can offer to pack your gown into a hand luggage suitcase ready for you to travel