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Wedlock'ed but not an Island....

Its been nearly 5 years now since I said "I do" having been plucked, waxed, painted and plaited to within an inch of my life! I can honestly say I loved it! That's not to say there were no stresses, trials and tribulations (the waxing alone wow!) but I never tire of helping other brides and listening to their wows and woes. With this in mind the spirit of the Aurora Blog will be trying to impart some of our wisdomess and share some of the funny stories we hear along the way in an attempt to make our brides and others feel a little less alone - you are not an island we've got your back!

One of my fiercest foes during the wedding planning was one that we see ALL THE TIME in store, THE DRESS WOBBLES! I think I have a fairly unique perspective on this having been in the bridal industry for over 10 years now and I have to say it was no easier for me - practice did not make perfect! Later in the series we will do a specific 'Dress for your Shape / Ignore the Fear' blog but my main overwhelming concern was not wanting the dress I loved.

Sounds weird right? You would think I would know how to do this and get it right - I've done this before I said piece of cake.This is not my first rodeo! I knew what I wanted - the organza princess gown - the Grace Kelly experience if you will. Designers offered me the chance to have them design a gown for me - amaze balls offer I hear you say, and not that I was ungrateful but I had it in store already and just didn't like it??? So how could I get them to make me something that was wrong? And why was it wrong I had known what I wanted all along and never considered that I just wouldn't like it when push came to aisle.

It all boiled down to my shape and the fact that I had never worn bridal gowns before - not properly. They are a different beast to the dresses you wear day in day out to parties, weddings, holidays etc. What I had drawn in my playtime's since I was block fringed little girl was not what I wanted and definitely not what I loved. It wasn't easy to accept. I had my vision and reality didn't match up? I hated pick ups in the skirt so why did the dress I love have them and why was there tulle involved - I hated tulle on me?? This was not my ideal dress and definitely not the one I dreamed of or even slightly googled? So how could it be "the one"?