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Anyone need a Royal Wedding plus one?

I would like to go on the record as saying I do not like ticket touts - they ruin events and concerts all over the world for hard working fans. Having said that if anyone is touting a plus one for the royal wedding this weekend then I am your girl! I cannot be all humbug about this, I am a royalist and a wedding enthusiast so you have hit the sweet spot for me this weekend with a Royal Wedding - just gimme a shout and I will be ready at the drop of a pin with a Fascinator and an appropriate knee length, shoulders covered outfit!

Next best option for me is that I will be at work helping our own princesses find their special dress and that makes up for it! We are aiming to make it a little more special with some royal footage on our (allowed for one day by the TV license people) TV and maybe a little bit of sparkles and a cupcake or too so it's not all bad

A lot of people, my husband etc, are wondering what's the fuss all about and does anyone really care... Well in 2011 the wedding of Prince William and Kate attracted over 8500 journalists, was viewed more than 2 billion times by citizens of more than 180 countries. It was twitted / tweeted about more than 237 times a second in the run up to the ceremony and in the UK we bought more than 1000 miles of union jack bunting. I think we can safely say there were a few people enthused about it! Add to that the tourism it attracted and you can't argue it was good for the country - well you could argue with me but I warn you I'm a fingers in the ears and hum kind of girl when I don't hear what I like!

So with all that in mind what are we expecting this weekend?