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Don't steal your own joy...

Don't panic, this isn't one of those hippy happy earth posts where I explain why its a good idea to howl at the moon on the 4th day of your cycle to ensure a sunny morning on your wedding day. However, I can forgive a few for thinking this might be a cynical attempt to convince brides to part with their hard earned cash quicker and I promise it is not that either.

Over the last 18 months there has been a marked shift in how brides search, view online, pinterest, try on and then buy their wedding gowns. Statistics show this to be the case too. I am the first to applaud a well thought through strategy for searching for and then finding the right dress. I do love a wedding folder, honestly a well thought out, tabbed and coded ring binder is a thing of joy to behold and I have been known to applaud brides in store on theirs - I'm a bit sad and don't get out much to be honest!

Yet what we have started to notice in store are brides stealing their own happiness. Ending up so frazzled and worn out with the pressure of trying to find THE perfect dress that they have indeed stolen the joy from their own experiences. They come to us tired, fed up and generally knackered and I actually heard on Saturday, "I just want to get it over and done with" from a bride visiting us as her 9th store. That's surely not what she intended when she started out on her wedding dress journey and indeed she already had a favourite but was insistent she has to check "just in case"

So what do I suggest. Here is my advice for brides starting out looking for a wedding dress in Surrey, London or anywhere in the world:

1 - Enjoy your time "surfing the web" - this is your time, you are the bride, enjoy it!

Have fun pinning and browsing instagram for inspiration. I found this the best bit. Find those

designers that you seem to gravitate to and save any images of things you love. Shops will find it so helpful to see what you are inspired by and we even send out a questionnaire asking to see the images in advance to help us focus in on the best look for you