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Interview with a plus size bride!

Over the last few years my travelling for work seems to have increased. I’m not moaning, often this means I get 2/3 days of sun and sangria or at least a trip round a beautiful European city (I’m still waiting on the Vegas call). What this does mean though is I find I have the time to sit and wonder about what is affecting our brides at the moment……hmmm….???

Before getting on this current plane on route back from Spain, having viewed new collections and seeing what trends are on route to our brides this season (you just wait for the next blog!) I had the foresight to ask one of our gorgeous plus size brides if she minded being part of my next blog and being the amazing human that she is she agreed. I know how organised am I?? I am definitely getting better at “adulting”

One of my first ever blogs was regarding plus size bridal and its something in store we feel very passionate about providing. I’m not saying there is not room for improvement as that is NEVER true, literally never. You can always make more effort, have more styles, try to reassure brides etc but I do feel in store based on the brides we see and the percentage number of plus size brides walking through the door in comparison to “straight” sizes (designers terms not mine) then we are actually hugely more proportionally tailored towards size 18+ brides than we are size 10 and below – in fact we only have one size 8 in the whole store currently.

Over the last 5 years we have made massive strides in our plus size selection and the offering we have in store. Last count we had over 43 dresses in sizes 18-26 with more on route as I type/fly. Yet I find these brides are the brides I worry for as they often admit when booking their appointments that they are terrified to come in or have been putting the appointment off to try and lose weight. Bridal shopping should be THE most fun thing you can do and trust me you will have a blast if you just take the pressure off yourself and start to try and enjoy the experience. Think of the appointment as great fun and dress up time. Maybe book an afternoon appointment and have a touch of Dutch courage before you visit us but please come excited and happy to try on a bit of everything for fun! You just never know what you might like!!!

It’s difficult sometimes as those brides technically “plus size”, meaning size 18 or above according to designers, don’t like to share their experiences as they can feel ashamed or just would rather not be in the limelight. Our gorgeous Alethea has nothing to worry about. She is both beautiful, she made a stunning bride, but also need never feel ashamed as shes healthy and happy with her shape.<